Closing the Deal With Ease

When your business relies on closing complex, personal contracts with your clients, it’s essential to make the closing process seamless. Each step is a chance for your customer to change his or her mind and back out, but it’s also a chance for your business to shine and provide best-in-class service that increases satisfaction and retention in your customer base. Luckily, tablet technology is here to make electronic signatures a breeze for your sales team and clients alike.

Making Complex Documents Simple for Clients

Westgate-Resorts.pngWestgate Resorts offers vacation ownership products at top-of-the-line resorts across the U.S. As the company grew in recent years, it needed a better way to present complicated transactions to its customers looking to buy, lease, or rent living spaces in its resorts.

“We needed a  solution that would allow us to present complex real estate transactions in a very efficient manner,” said John Willman, Vice President of Mortgage Services at Westgate Resorts.

Westgate found that solution in Microsoft tablets, powered by Intel processors and Informa software. The company rolled out tablets for purchase and lease documents as well as electronic signatures, so its customers no longer have to sort through intimidating stacks of paperwork. This simple change had three major effects:

  • It eliminated printed paper.
  • It made the signing process more informative and efficient for customers.
  • It sped up closing by automatically assigning an agent and instantly sending completed  contracts to be processed.

Westgate-Intel-tablet.pngDana Wadsworth, Vice President of VOA Sales at Westgate Resorts, summed it up: “We input the deal. It goes to the tablets, and just with a touch, your documents are signed, they’re done, and they’re scanned to corporate.”

Cost savings from transitioning to a paperless contract system come directly (in cost of supplies and increased closings) and indirectly (in saved administrative time, faster processing time, and more efficient sales staff). The savings translate across industries, even small businesses such as local mortgage brokers, insurance agents, or law practices. If your business deals with multiple forms and signatures, imagine what digitizing these processes would do for your team’s efficiency and accuracy.

Westgate gifted new owners Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets after their closing. Using the devices, owners can keep up to date with everything from new resort destinations and upcoming events to account reminders and alerts. You can read the full case study here‌.

Westgate Resorts is innovating its industry by leveraging new technology. What will your business achieve? Learn how Intel-powered tablets can eliminate paper and streamline the closing process for your small business.

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