Cloud: A top priority for CIOs

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Cloud and Mobility in the Enterprise

by Chris Peters, member of the IT Center

In 2013, cloud is a top priority for CIOs, right behind mobility. And in my opinion, cloud is an enabler of mobility.  Together, these have become key differentiators and points of innovation for many businesses. I recently read the latest issue of The New CIO Agenda, which discusses how CIOs are using cloud-based strategies to transform the business and reshape IT shops into engines for service delivery.

A new pace for enterprise IT

Technology innovation in the consumer space has clearly set a fast pace for enterprise IT. There’s an influx of mobile devices in the enterprise, both as companions to desktop and laptop PCs, and increasingly as employer-provided devices. According to the article, “the upside for IT lies in harnessing consumer-side advances to improve employee productivity while meeting enterprise requirements for security and manageability.” I couldn’t agree more.

These devices pave the way for CIOs to gain value from things like well-designed Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and programs, app store–based software distribution, and more. And when combined with cloud services and data that is readily accessible anytime, anywhere, integrated mobile devices 

can take business productivity to a new level.

The cloud is critical because it allows IT to deliver services to these devices from private, public, or hybrid cloud implementations, improving agility, speed, and flexibility. And being able to deliver computing solutions that fit form to function is a critical part of user-centered computing.

Three billion users, 15 billion connected devices

A few months ago, I blogged about how IT managers face constant change and why what worked yesterday may no longer be enough. Cloud services are a huge driver of that change. By 2015, Intel expects more than 3 billion connected users and 15 billion connected devices will be driving more than 1,500 exabytes of cloud traffic. And this level of connectivity is guaranteed to shift the scale of enterprise computing.

Be sure to check out the full article for more insights from Intel’s IT leaders, technologists, and visionaries.

How has your organization used cloud services to innovate (private, public, or hybrid)?

How does your cloud strategy better support mobility, employee productivity, and IT service agility?

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