Cloud Computing Beyond the Enterprise: Livecasting the Consumer Cloud

Everywhere you look in the enterprise the cloud is more visible.  From self-service IT to data center capacity expanded through cloud on-boarding, the cloud has taken hold in our world.  What about at home, what has cloud meant for our everyday lives?  This week on the Digital Nibbles Podcast Michael Sheehan of HighTechDad discusses cloud technology & the consumer. cloud_computing_generic.png

Like many other technologies (see mobile phones) cloud has seen its most rapid innovation cycle in the consumer world.  Not too long ago cloud meant webmail & websites.  Now we backup our info, schedule our day, video chat, play video games, and sync our media from our phones, homes, and cars.  Oh yeah, and we make phone-calls on occasion too.

blogtalk_logo.png Curious?  Tune in tomorrow Wednesday Feb. 1 @ 3 PM Pacific Standard Time to hear more from the Allyson Klein, Reuven Cohen and @HighTechDadhimself Michael Sheehan.

Michael Sheehan is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an avid technologist, blogger, social media pundit husband and father.  Michael writes about technology, consumer electronics, gadgets, software, hardware, parenting "hacks," and other tips & tricks.  Professionally, Michael is the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid.  To learn more checkout his about/bio page on his blog. HTD_HeadShot.png