Cloud Computing Cost: Saving with a Hybrid Model

Intel IT needed to determine an investment strategy that could meet our growing capacity needs for new businesses that required hosting solutions. We could have built out the capacity and capability internally. Or we could have outsourced everything to a public cloud provider. However, we explored and chose a third option—a hybrid cloud model (a mix of public and private clouds). This flexible approach allows us to dynamically adjust the amount of capacity we are using in the public or private hosting environment, thereby achieving high levels of agility, scalability, and efficiency.

We are working to accelerate Intel’s adoption of a hybrid cloud by establishing the following key design strategies:

• Design applications and the hosting environment for automated self-healing.

• Design our hybrid cloud so that it can meet unpredictable demand automatically.

• Design cloud-aware applications that accommodate infrastructure outages and that can be concurrently active at multiple locations.

Developing a hybrid cloud model required us to look at various trade-offs between the public and private cloud environments, choosing a mix that represents the best solution from several perspectives. You can read more about this hybrid cloud model in our recently release white paper.