Cloud Consumption Model Countdown: The Top 10 Insights (part 2)

Is there anything as exciting as the 10-second countdown to ring in the New Year? Not in my mind! I love the reflective quality of the New Year - everyone pledges to learn and grow from the previous year, and our lives feel infused with new possibility as we turn the calendar page. This top-10 list might not be quite as exciting as a New Year's Eve countdown, but I think it comes close. Intel and Cisco polled 4,226 IT leaders in 18 industries about their perspective on cloud computing, and compiled the top 10 insights gleaned from the data. We previously covered the first five, and below we have the top five for you! I hope the collective knowledge and experiences of these thousands of IT leaders will guide you as you reflect on how your organization utilizes the cloud, and how it changes our industry.

Happy New Year!

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Insight No. 5: IT Wants To Feel Safe in the Cloud.

Security concerns ranked as the number-one inhibitor to cloud adoption. Second was complexity of managing third parties, and the third inhibitor was the lack of integration and interoperability across internal systems and those of providers. In addition, robust security and data protection capabilities were seen as the most critical factors for cloud service providers to succeed in winning business.

Insight No. 4: Satisfaction With Cloud Providers Is High, but So Are Expectations.

Fifty-one percent of respondents described themselves as “very satisfied” with their cloud providers, while 35 percent were “somewhat satisfied.” But this high rating comes with high expectations from IT leaders: security capabilities, the ability to build custom solutions, and guarantees on service levels were cited as the most critical success factors for cloud service providers. Overall, cloud providers are well positioned, but they will likely find themselves in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

Insight No. 3: Emerging Markets: A Greenfield for Cloud-driven Innovation.

In general, the emerging economies featured in the study — Brazil, China, India, and Mexico — are upbeat about cloud and the impact it can drive for their organizations. They are investing heavily in what they see as the transformational potential of cloud. For these emerging economies, the number-one cloud adoption driver is increasing business productivity.

Insight No. 2: Cloud Is Here ... and Growing.

Cloud — whether public, private, or hybrid — already represents a significant share of respondents’ total IT spending, at 23 percent. In three years, the percentage is expected to reach 27 percent. Private cloud is the most prevalent cloud deployment method at 45 percent.

Insight No. 1: In the Eyes of IT Decision Makers, Cloud Is Good.

Despite the challenges and added complexity that cloud brings to IT organizations, a strong majority feels that the business upsides outweigh the negatives. For example, 83 percent of respondents believe that cloud will positively impact IT planning. In addition, 81 percent see a positive impact from cloud on “IT funding and procurement.” Similar percentages apply across all other IT consumption lifecycle stages.

Check out the full results of the cloud consumption model study here.

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