Cloud Efficiency & Global Strategy LIVE

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(CC) Flickr: Micky Aldridge

Cloud is an ever-growing complex topic.  It has sprouted into every aspect of our digital world in the home, car, on the go, and of course in the enterprise.  Even now, the technologies are still maturing and we have issues likeefficiency to consider let alone the geo-political concerns that can arise in a globalcloud strategy.

This week on Digital Nibbles, a new podcast series on the current events & issues that face the world of cloud and data center, we have Intel’s Winston Saunders and Jackson He to talk about those two subjects.

Winston Saunders, Intel’s Director of Data Center Power Initiatives and regular blogger on data center efficiency, will discuss the challenges and benefits that the cloud presents for efficiency.  And Jackson He, Intel’s General Manager for Software & Services in China, will discuss the challenges and issues that face IT pros in China with enabling cloud technologies.

Turn-on, tune-in, geek-out LIVE Wednesday Jan. 18 at 3:00 PM Pacific time with hosts Allyson Klein and Reuven Cohen at the Digital Nibbles Website.

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