Cloud predictions for 2013

I recently blogged on Data Center Knowledge about my cloud computing predictions for 2013. For the Data Stack, I thought I’d now take a more in-depth look at some of these.

Cloud wins confidence

Gartner predicts that after declining in 2012, the IT market will grow by just 1.4 per cent in EMEA in 2013. What growth there is will be largely driven by cloud, mobile, social and big data (IDC).  After years of hype, 2012 really was the year in which cloud proved its worth. This was not just in cost savings, but through (generally) good reliability and in the benefits it delivered for enterprises, such as improved agility. In 2013 adoption will increase further, with more and more companies showing their willingness to deploy cloud computing. As well as cloud adoption rates increasing, I think cloud usage models will expand, with organisations broadening the type of cloud applications they use. There will also be a small increase in the amount of mission-critical data going into the cloud.

Security questions remain

Although adoption rates are increasing, some companies are still wary about cloud security, hence why I predicted only a small increase in companies using the cloud for their business-critical data. A number of high profile breaches in 2012 (for example Apple and Amazon) continue to resonate in the minds of decision makers, meaning that enterprises will focus on having the right security in place. However, cloud providers will start to deliver increased security in their offerings in 2013. The use of brokers will also increase, in part because they can recommend security-savvy cloud service providers. Securing access to corporate data from mobile devices will also be a growing concern.

Hybrid moves in

I previously predicted that the transition to private cloud would gather pace in 2012. I believe this will remain the number one choice for businesses, but hybrid will become increasingly popular in 2013. In 2012 there were a plethora of predictions around hybrid cloud, including a recent study of IT decision makers by Infosys that found that 40% are now adopting hybrid cloud platforms. Whilst I’m unwilling to predict the number of hybrid deployments in 2013, I do think that those companies that embraced private cloud this year will be more willing to expand to public in 2013.

Big data dominates

‘Big data’ was certainly one of the buzz phrases of 2012. Behind the hype lie great opportunities for businesses and many will take advantage of this in 2013. Many of these will take on the big data challenge themselves next year of deploying a big data solution, but there will also be companies that take advantage of integrated solutions from OEMs. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2015, there will be 4.4 million new big data jobs globally. I’m excited to see the innovative ways in which companies are using big data to improve their customer service in 2013.

Do you agree with these predictions? What do you think will happen in 2013?

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