Cloud Strategy: Ideals Meet Policy

In a July Data Center Knowledge industry perspective, I discussed my first fundamental truth of cloud strategy: Large-scale transformation to cloud computing, which includes your critical business systems, is a journey that will take you from eight to ten years.

Stating it bluntly, I was wrong.

I now believe this journey will be longer and more complex than any of us have imagined. You can read the reasons for my expectation reset in my latest industry perspective on Data Center Knowledge, the first in a two-part series on my sixth truth of cloud computing: Technology-driven business practices  often circumvent government regulations, but legal/government policy standards will dictate the cloud’s success.

Whether private or public, a robust cloud framework is community-oriented. It must be community-oriented if the on-demand services promised deliver through rapid elasticity and resource pooling. It’s the community-oriented element of the ecosystem that poses the greatest threat to broad adoption. Although it’s easy to forget, cloud capability is physically linked to geography—and geographies are generally managed by governments. For good reason, governments often establish policy and standards based on their unique geopolitics.

In the end, community orientation is only as effective as the cooperation between governments, as they write and enforce their respective cloud policies. Using history as a guide, you may now understand why I think we all need to be prepared for a very long journey.

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