CloudNOW: Recognizing the Innovative Women in Cloud Technology


I’m honored to be recognized recently as a CloudNOW award winner for our work with Cloud Service Providers. The CloudNOW Awards recognize women in cloud and converging technology – honoring female led teams who have used technology to solve real world business problems, contribute to society in a significant way and move the industry forward. The CloudNOW non-profit, made up of individuals and organizations, offers members opportunities to creatively approach the technological challenges of cloud today, working in partnership with the tech industry, cloud visionaries, and global media. Forming a collective, CloudNOW has become the voice of authority for women in cloud and emerging technologies.

For my team, this journey has been eight years in the making.  As Intel’s Cloud Service Provider Platform Group (CPG), we’ve essentially built the business from the ground up with the goal of making it easier, more cost-effective and more efficient for cloud service providers (CSPs) to build new infrastructure and services. Because of our ability to help businesses improve their performance /$TCO, the largest CSPs have benefitted by providing more services to end users, and we’ve helped new businesses such as Bluemix, DigitalOcean and Dropbox on their accelerated path to growth. Now that’s something to be proud of!

Here is a great example of the new usages that will be created.  Cloud is having a positive impact at the local level through our work with Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) and the Collaborative Cancer Cloud (CCC), which was also a CloudNOW award winner. CCC is a precision medicine analytics platform that allows institutions to securely share patient genomic, imaging and clinical data for potentially lifesaving discoveries. Each year millions of people all over the world, including more than 1 million patients in the U.S., learn that they have a cancer diagnosis. The CCC enables large amounts of data from sites all around the world to be analyzed in a distributed way, while preserving the privacy and security of that patient data at each site. The CCC platform is housed in Exacloud, an Intel provided and supported high performance computing (HPC) cluster optimized for life sciences workloads. Congratulations to the CCC and program lead Mary Stenzel-Poore for this well-deserved recognition of your work!

I want to share this award with all of my colleagues at Intel who work on our cloud business, and recognize your endless creativity, persistence and hard work. Congratulations on a great year and I’m looking forward to the ground breaking developments that lie ahead in 2017!