CloudPhysics Brings Data-Driven Insights to Intel Storage Builders

By Irfan Ahmad, CTO, Co-Founder, CloudPhysics

Today, I’m proud to announce that CloudPhysics is joining the new Intel® Storage Builders program. Because both of our companies are committed to providing data-driven insights for smarter IT, this is an exciting time for us at CloudPhysics, for Intel—and for our industry as a whole. Today is especially rewarding for CloudPhysics in that we can now publicly share how we are working with Intel Storage Builders.


Intel and CloudPhysics: Our Strong, Shared Data Center Vision

Both Intel and CloudPhysics share the exciting vision of big data for better data centers. Intel’s SSDs, with their breakthrough reliability and performance, play a unique, central role in this vision, dramatically improving the efficiency of storage systems in the data center. But as the storage revolution reduces costs and increases the ability of IT to deliver value, it also poses many choices for the storage team. Intel plays a unique role in our industry, serving as an authentic source of information for the storage professional while it drives the industry forward with new products and standards. Now, this partnership with CloudPhysics enhances and extends the resources that IT teams can call upon to benefit from software-defined storage.

The Revolution in Data-Driven Insights for Smarter IT

Among many other aspects, CloudPhysics has revolutionized storage management, making it simple and proactive with data-driven analytics. Being a storage junkie myself, this is my favorite part of CloudPhysics. I just can’t stop talking about how much acceleration in day-to-day and planning activities our customers experience when they switch to CloudPhysics. Here are just a few examples.

The CloudPhysics I/O Contention tools automatically classify data stores into two categories: those that require your attention and those that are noteworthy. Notice we don’t distract you with those that are automatically determined to be healthy (though you can still drill down on those if you like).

Customers appreciate the data-driven insights and visibility into their disk I/O workloads, especially the automatic classification of problematic workloads into culprits and victims (notice again that we don’t bother you with healthy VMs though you can drill down into those just as well). There are incredible innovations in how IT teams:

  • explore and troubleshoot hotspots
  • work proactively with automatic and anticipatory out-of-space avoidance alerts
  • lower CapEx with analytics-driven space savings opportunities
  • use cache analytics to be predictive
  • help IT buy the right amount of SSD to achieve desired latency reductions

I can go on and on. Bottom line, CloudPhysics provides a comprehensive yet lightweight storage analytics solution for the modern virtualized data center.

The Future of Storage Has Arrived

CloudPhysics is extremely excited to be part of Intel Storage Builders, and to bring the revolution of big data analytics to IT. We have jointly seen success in helping IT organizations up-level their operations using analytics. Our vision for the future is to help make IT data center management proactive and predictive, while lowering risk and cost, and increasing business agility. The announcement of Intel Storage Builders is a big stride forward in that journey.