Code-For-Good in the Cloud Hackathon #IDF13


This team event brings college students and IT professionals together in a good-natured, mini-hackathon to code and do good. The participants will be divided into three teams where they will develop innovative math apps for middle school students. These apps will be hosted in our IDF private cloud which incorporates Intel Xeon E5 servers and Intel IT’s Platform as a Service (PaaS). Apps will be designed to be cloud-aware, including a stateless model, web services approach, massive scaling, and design for failure. In addition, the apps will run across a spectrum of client devices via HTML5 and utilize sensor technology, cross-platform design and Intel HR pedagogical best-practices. Success will be judged by our team of subject matter experts from Intel and academia. Fun prizes will be distributed at our award ceremony.

This event showcases the hackathon learning approach which benefits students and professionals alike.  As opposed to a rigid instructor led class with specific exercises, the hackathon allows participants to explore ideas at their own pace, immersing them into technology areas which excite and interest them. The Code-For-Good program uses this approach to introduce new technology to the next generation of engineers. Intel IT uses a similar approach called “code-a-thons” to expand the skills of its workforce.

This event demonstrates Intel leadership in multiple ways:

  • Cloud Computing and Data Center technologies
  • Client and Mobile Computing
  • Education and training

While you’re in the Technology Showcase don’t miss going to the Networking Plaza where there are special activities planned such as Chip-Chat and Engineering Power Hour. Additional inspiring topics around hackathons, robots, and innovation promise to be hits.

Follow all of the action at #IDF13 on @IntelITS and see what to expect at IDF 2013 in this short video from Intel Corp.