Collaborating for Big Data Performance: Cisco & Intel Driving Business With Quicker Insights & Knowledge

By Rex Backman, Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems

Cisco and Intel have been collaborators in Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) family since the beginning, just over five short years ago. The results have been nothing but amazing. The collaboration, which started from zero, is recognized now with industry leadership positions in discrete server categories such as blades and leadership in many geographic segments around the world.[i]

A key workload for Cisco UCS is Big Data and Analytics. In today’s world of digitization and modernization, data is being created at ever-increasing velocities – be it structured or unstructured; from machine learning, from deep learning the data just keeps streaming in (No pun intended) from the Edge; from the Internet of Things (IoT); and from or to Data Centers.

Performance is of paramount importance for Big Data and Analytics. Organization’s must be able to process and analyze incoming data quickly, efficiently, and accurately. To do so affords organizations the ability to glean competitive insights into their businesses that previously had not been recognized before. Analytics – be it diagnostic, descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive – are the ‘downstream’ components while the ‘upstream’ components focus on data acquisition, processing, and perhaps even data preparation.

Cisco UCS delivers major performance in Big Data environments. UCS’s innovative and scalable architecture, powered by Intel processors, provides the necessary speed required in environments such as Apache Hadoop clusters on the “Big Data” side of the house, or Splunk Enterprise configurations on the “Analytics” side.  OK, let us look at some results:

  • Cisco was the first, and continues to lead in TPCx-HS ‘Big Data’ benchmarks. We first published benchmarks in 2015, read Raghu Nambiar’s blog here – as a Cisco Distinguished Engineer, Raghu and team blazed this trail for the industry. We continue this trend today as we just announced new leading TPCx-HS UCS based benchmark records here at Cisco Live in Las Vegas.
  • Splunk Enterprise Performance. Splunk is a Cisco key partner on the analytics side of the house. Their software technology is ubiquitous in Data Centers around the world as it affords organizations to quickly find and identify operational trends and anomalies across a spectrum of IT use cases. Running on Cisco UCS, Splunk Enterprise has seen multi-fold increases in performance and throughput. Watch this video as Splunk CEO Doug Merritt highlights the benefits of Cisco UCS for Big Data
  • Productivity Improvements. A 2016 report by the Analyst firm IDC highlighted customer gains in Big Data staff productivity – with IT staff and Data Scientist personnel. Across the board gains were seen based on the ability to ‘do things quicker’ with Cisco UCS.

Speed is critical in today’s world be it Digital Transformation, IoT, or Big Data. Intel as we have seen is a key Cisco collaborator as they help to provide the processing power enabling Cisco UCS to deliver its scalable and high performing architecture.

To learn more about Cisco and Intel’s collaboration, please visit Our Big Data offerings, powered by UCS (and Intel!) are many; take a peek at them here

[i] Cisco presentation.