Collaboration, Connected Tech at the Center of Patient Care

by CDW Healthcare

Today, healthcare is about interacting with patients rather than talking at them. It’s about engaging with patients as part of an ongoing dialogue to promote connection, collaboration and quality care. Modern healthcare is also about arming clinicians, physicians and other care staff with the tools to foster greater collaboration, whether within or outside the hospital walls or with colleagues across the country.

The key to improving collaboration for everyone is healthcare technology that breaks down communication barriers. And this type of technology is rapidly taking hold. That’s why it’s no surprise that by 2023, 262 million visits will be conducted virtually.1 Or that 70 percent of surveyed patients reported being comfortable replacing select in-person visits with texts, email or video.1

Telehealth clearly ranks high on the list of technologies that support connected care, but these others cannot be overlooked when it comes to a comprehensive platform: clinical integration, collaboration and unified communications, cloud collaboration and yes — even digital displays/way-finding. In fact, helping support connection between visitors and patients in a hospital is integral to quality care given that 30–50 percent of arriving patients and visitors end up lost inside hospitals, which can have a negative impact on a hospital’s patient satisfaction ratings.2

Proactively addressing collaborative care means carefully planning an integrated HIT plan that lays the groundwork for successful adoption of connected care technologies. These tools must work together to seamlessly promote effective communication and integrate with all IT systems used throughout the hospital. And that’s no easy task.

That’s why, in the end, it’s about connecting IT, clinical staff and healthcare management on the same page. The better you can highlight the benefits of connected care to all constituents, the better the chance at successful adoption across the healthcare system.


1“Virtual Health: Aligning Solutions with Enterprise-Wide Priorities,” SG2 Intelligence, 2014, “Why Patient Experience Matters,” February 2014