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It’s our second year at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in Amsterdam, which is the largest culmination of audiovisual and collaboration experts in the industry.

We’re excited to engage with our partners and attendees to discuss the latest trends on topics like the integration of IT and AV and the evolution of digital signage from static to multipurpose display for ad-hoc communication. To see and be part of the overall innovation that’s happening is always inspiring.

At Intel, we’re imagining a new world for our partners and customers that creates agile collaboration whether that is in the boardroom or classroom.

We’ll showcase our vision for collaboration which includes breaking down silos and creates new ways to join meetings, which we think will drive newfound simplicity.

Here is a sampling of some of the innovation we’ll feature at ISE with our Intel Unite® solution to modernize how we collaborate:

  • Marrying Audio Excellence and Easy Meeting Starts – Sennheiser and Intel are working together to address some fundamental pain points with meetings today. Choppy audio is still one of the top complaints among meeting participants. Compound this with complexity in integrating all the technology that can live in a meeting space, and the frustration doubles. We have a new Intel Unite® plugin for Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wired Flex and TeamConnect Wireless. This blends Sennheiser’s 70 years of providing audio excellence with the Intel Unite solution for easy meeting starts. Meeting participants also can control their Sennheiser audio speakers from the Intel Unite app, eliminating steps in how meetings get managed. We’ll show this integration at ISE and our co-creator of Intel Unite, Brian Cockrell, will join Sennheiser at their booth to do a joint demo every day at 3:45 pm. Check it out at Sennheiser’s stand: 2-B50.
  • Ultrasonic Meeting Join – We are hyper-focused on simplicity and that remains job number one for us with the Intel Unite solution. We’re creating new ways to connect to a meeting that are incredibly easy. At ISE, we’ll preview new technology that creates an ultrasonic connection between the device and the Unite hub in the meeting room. A meeting participant can walk into a meeting room, launch their Intel Unite app and they are automatically connected to their meeting securely, no PIN required. This creates a one-click experience. We can’t wait to preview this for you at ISE.
  • Badge Access Join – We’ll also give you a sneak peek into another way we’re creating an easy way to securely join a meeting. We’ll show how to connect to meetings automatically through badge access. Simply swipe your badge on a scanner in a meeting space and Intel Unite will join you to your meeting - automatically. There’s often a lot of talk around delivering an experience where a user only has one button to push, we’re on a path to drive this simplicity while giving customers’ choice in how they want to do that.
  • Telemetry that Drives Insight for Everyone – At Intel, we believe in the power of analytics to drive more meaningful outcomes for our customers. We’ll show Intel Unite’s capability to deliver telemetry on meeting usage that drives new ways to think about how space gets used, and how technology gets used or not, which benefits both IT and facilities management.
  • Partners – One of the most rewarding aspects of working on this product is to engage and collaborate with our partners to drive unique experiences that can together change the game in collaboration. Our ecosystem for Intel Unite continues to grow and at ISE, we’ll show ecosystem innovation from Avocor’s interactive display (stand 13-C110) to FlatFrog’s InGlass™ interactive technology and digital collaboration whiteboards (stand 11-D110 ) to Sennheiser’s audio offerings (stand 2-B50). Check out our Intel Unite App Showcase page where we showcase the latest developments with our partners. This includes a new plugin from Jabra, which is now available and bridges their speakerphones with the Intel Unite solution. Another example of collaboration made simple.

Please come visit us at stand 15-K280 or learn more about our Intel Unite solution at

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Kaitlin Murphy

About Kaitlin Murphy

As director of Intel Unite® in Intel’s Business Client Platform division, Kaitlin Murphy leads Intel’s client collaboration strategy focusing on large enterprise, public sector, and SMB. Murphy’s organization is responsible for driving the planning, architecture, OEM partnership, and marketing to advance digital collaboration for commercial customers and partners. She joined Intel in 2005 and has broad expertise across engineering, sales, strategy, operations, and marketing. Murphy holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Chicago.