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Thanks to Google you can see where I am right now. This is part of their latitude service and is aimed at allowing us keep track of friends. My mobile phone constantly tells Google where I am and that information is passed to people that I choose. In this case I have agreed to allow you to see which town I’m in.

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I think this is a great example of a personal service which a company may not like. It would be an interesting conversation to know who owns the position information of you when you are at work. If you make the information public is it OK to use for time and attendance monitoring? I don’t have the answer but there are plenty of these services out there.

What other service are there where an employee can expose data in this way? We know that tagging your position on facebook  (Checking in) is common practise.I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas around what is acceptable policies for a company to have on personal services.