Compellent, Intel and VMware – A Match Made in the Cloud

My name is Tim Plaud and I'm a principal storage architect with Compellent, a partner of Intel. An evolving set of concepts for the better part of four decades, cloud computing has evolved from being a marketing buzz word with little clarity and even less credibility to a real IT strategy built on a set of proven technologies for data centers. Cloud computing now has a stronger-than-ever foothold and it only seems to be getting stronger.

Many end users I talk to understand the value of cloud services, whether the infrastructure to deliver IT as a service is built on-premises or owned by a service provider. However, the big issue for these companies is how they can go about architecting a solution. To help these companies build their own private clouds, we’re working with Intel and VMware to demonstrate a “Cloud on Wheels” solution in the Intel booth (#206) at SNW, taking place during expo hours on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and Wednesday, Oct. 13. Christian Black, researcher and architect, Intel IT, and I will be in Dallas to drive the demos and talk about how the different technology building blocks go together.

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I’m excited to have worked with Intel and VMware on Cloud on Wheels, which will combine Intel Xeon 5600 processors, a converged IP/storage fabric on 10Gb iSCSI, VMware virtual servers and vSphere, and Compellent Fluid Data technology. The demo will illustrate how end users can experience the performance advantages of wide-striping and dynamic RAID, as well as the efficiency advantages of thin provisioning and automated tiered storage. In fact, automated tiered storage plays a particularly important role in this private cloud because application data always finds the right level of storage performance and capacity, without requiring any manual intervention. That’s critical for simplifying administration especially if organizations are tight on resources and don’t have a lot of time to manage storage.

Naturally, virtualized storage resources are just one piece of the private cloud puzzle. Cloud environments require the processing power, the virtual servers and the network connectivity to handle scalability, performance and management requirements. With Intel, VMware and Compellent technologies making up the foundation of the Cloud on Wheels solution, all the pieces work together in a self-tuning data center. Customers can manage large pools of IT resources, including networking, storage and servers, as part of an integrated modular, flexible and scalable cloud requiring very little management. After all, isn't that what this whole cloud thing is all about?