Composing a Path to the Infrastructure of the Future with Tencent, Dell, and Intel

By Matt Langman, Director of Business strategy for Memory and Intel Rack Scale Architecture

As hyperscale principles continue to influence datacenter designs, orchestrating and managing hardware becomes a challenge because scale and complexity break existing management approaches. It's becoming impractical to use the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and other outdated standards to monitor, manage, provision and orchestrate thousands, or tens of thousands of devices.

Many organizations are trying to cope with this challenge. Nearly any data center vendor will tell you that they're trying to step beyond the current limits, but one of the most distinctive and visionary approaches is Intel Rack Scale Architecture. Intel Rack Scale Architecture, simply put, promises a future of fully disaggregated hardware – whereby a customer can independently upgrade their compute, storage or networking capabilities – coupled with an open-source software layer that will let companies of any size stand up, manage and orchestrate infrastructure just like the big guys. With a common API, Intel Rack Scale Architecture lets customers manage all of their workloads without being locked into a specific orchestration layer.

At IDF Shenzhen this week, our Intel Rack Scale Architecture offering will take center stage with Dell and Tencent. Our joint technology demo will show how customers can manage a hyperscale platform with custom orchestration– without hardware lock-in – to meet their workload needs. With Intel’s Rack Scale Infrastructure and Tencent’s custom orchestration stack running on the forthcoming Dell DSS 9000, we will demonstrate support for IT asset inventory, configuration, management and provisioning for Tencent workloads across their distributed data center infrastructure.

“Tencent Cloud Computing, the cloud service business under Tencent, a leading provider of Internet value added services in China, is jointly working with Intel and Dell on an innovative solution based on the combination of Intel  Rack Scale Architecture, Dell rack infrastructure and Tencent’s orchestration platform. This offers the ability to inventory and manage the underlying infrastructure with open, standards-based rack-level management, while also offering hardware disaggregation and infrastructure flexibility.”

– Tencent Cloud Computing Group

“When you’re one of the largest Internet companies in the world, it’s expected that you can accelerate service delivery, respond to changing workload needs and scale without interruption to meet customer needs. We’re proud to have collaborated with Intel and Tencent to showcase how this can be done. With the open and flexible Dell DSS 9000 running Intel Rack Scale Architecture and Tencent’s orchestration stack, Tencent Cloud Computing can provide better ROI at the infrastructure level while serving customer needs now and for years to come.”

– Stephen Rousset, Distinguished Engineer & Director of Architecture, Dell Extreme Scale Infrastructure

We hope you will drop by the Tencent booth at IDF Shenzhen to see a live demonstration and learn more. We certainly believe in Intel Rack Scale Architecture and we’re proud to have worked with Tencent and Dell to provide a glimpse into the future. Dell is a leading hardware provider that is building open, agile and efficient infrastructure via the DSS 9000 that matches our vision, and Tencent is on the forefront of technology trends and showing others how they are sidestepping the complexity of legacy approaches to better serve customer needs.