Conference Room Collaboration Just Got Better


Intel® Unite™ Software on Mini PCs Accelerates Workplace Transformation

Intel recently unveiled its newest innovation for improving workplace collaboration and productivity at Computex 2015 in Taipei. Intel Unite, which runs on Intel Core vPro processor-based Mini desktop PCs, gives businesses a powerful tool for making meetings more efficient, effective, and productive. The reaction of our customers, press, and analysts was extremely positive.

The timing is perfect as the business climate is more competitive than ever. As companies seek to keep up, they are finding themselves reconsidering some old ways of doing things. Cubicle-based office environments, tethered workstations, “stovepiped” organizational models, aging technologies—they are all limiting our ability to be as creative and collaborative as possible.

So, it’s not surprising that we are starting to see companies embrace change in how they work. New technologies are already helping companies improve efficiency and productivity, as well as recruiting and retention.

New Mini PCs in particular are contributing to the changing workplace. These compact systems bring amazing desktop-grade performance to every display in every conference room. They enable people to collaborate from just about anywhere.

Intel Unite Software Helps Drive Workplace Transformation

Intel offers tools and technologies that, in combination with these newer PCs, can truly transform the workplace. Its newest addition, the Intel Unite solution, transforms existing conference rooms into a smart and connected meeting space with enhanced security.

With an Intel Core vPro processor-based Mini PC in the conference room and the Intel Unite application running on devices, meeting rooms are quickly and easily modernized.

  • Employees can easily present wirelessly using new or existing conference room technology and can annotate on content in real time.
  • IT can easily manage meeting rooms remotely with built-in remote management capabilities.
  • A rotating PIN and hardware-enhanced security ensure content stays within your organization.

Simplify Connecting to Tools — and People

Now, instead of having to rely on adapters or dongles, Intel Unite software uses the existing wireless networks within the business to connect PCs to existing displays, projectors, or interactive whiteboards. And it can all be done quickly, without any worries about hardware, software, or network compatibility.

The Intel Unite solution also offers peer-to-peer sharing capabilities to ensure that everyone can see and share the same content. Everyone, regardless of where they are in the world, can interact with the content in real time, and quickly and easily share files.1

Small Changes, Big Results

Small changes introduced at the right time in the right place can yield enormous results. The increased productivity of one person in a virtually seamless, no-wires workplace may not be significant, but multiply it across your entire enterprise – or thousands of companies – and the dividends can be quite dramatic.

I, for one, am certainly excited about the prospects!



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