Connecting the Unconnected is the New World of IT Opportunity

EMEA: Connecting the Unconnected is the New World of IT Opportunity

During the last week of January, technical influencers and leaders from across EMEA gathered in Milan for Cisco Live.  This event, structured for and by the technical leadership of Cisco’s customers and partners is known for meaningful technical education and networking and collaboration. It didn’t miss on that note!  During the opening keynote, Jeremy Beven, Cisco’s VP Marketing EMEA welcomed attendees to Milan and Cisco Live and graciously thanked the sponsors including Intel as a platinum sponsor.  Jeremy also noted the excitement surrounding the tempo and pace of technology change which is both enabling and creating business innovation as the Internet of Everything and the “connecting of the unconnected” is happening today.

Rob Lloyd, SVP Cisco Sales and Engineering, reflected on the rate at which clouds and mobile have become the norm.  As he echoed the theme throughout the keynote, “Connecting the unconnected,” he noted that only 1% of things are connected today, but the rate is accelerating and the acceleration is enabling new business models, new sources of revenue and new resources to address the challenges we face.  He stressed that Cisco was committed with its partners to supporting this next generation of IT with an attention to simplifying the complexity through platforms that address the need for “Fast IT.”  Rob focused on the role that Cisco would play with its key partners such as Intel in creating constructs to support the myriad of current and future applications businesses are introducing at an ever increasing pace.

Intel’s role and the solutions that Intel and Cisco together support were showcased in support of enabling this next generation of IT on the main stage, in the Intel Booth and through speaking sessions across the event.  From demonstrations of capabilities for Intel Distribution of Hadoop on Cisco UCS to the benefits of data visualization from SAS over the Hadoop framework, attendees were able to see and hear examples of the power of applications and systems at work for enterprises.  As imaginations were challenged to think of what is possible in the IoT world, when more and more “things” and devices would become connected with intelligence and security through embedded sensors and devices, Intel shared a demonstration of the work with the Intel WindRiver Quark capabilities in the booth.

Tied to the very heart and theme of the show and packed with real and interesting demonstrations of IoT as the foundation for company and industry transformation was the joint presentation from Rod O’Shea, Intel EMEA Director Embedded Sales, and Dr. Bernd Heinrichs, Cisco Managing Director Industrial Solutions – IoT EMEAR.  Dr. Heinrichs and Rod O’Shea jointly presented in a breakout on the collective visions of Cisco and Intel for supporting a new range of applications and capabilities as IoT becomes reality that allows businesses to innovate and even transform themselves.


Rod shared a study, The Global Innovation Index,  and highlighted the representation of EMEA in driving innovation as quantified through this study.  He also shared the key tenants of Intel’s strategy in support of IoT inclusive of:

  • Intelligent Devices supporting
    intelligence where it is needed with appropriate filtering and security;
  • Intelligent system of systems, where
    legacy and new application environments can share and leverage data to support
    insights and innovation;
  • End to End Analytics from devices to
    the cloud;

But key to what both Dr Heinrichs and Rod O’Shea shared were the stories of companies entirely transforming their business models or even themselves through these technologies. Rod shared the story of Costa Coffee, the company started in the early 1900s who has totally transformed itself through the partnership with Intel from a coffee bean production and distribution company to an IT company delivering consumer experiences through data.


It was an informative and interesting week, hundreds of thought provoking sessions on business and technology innovation intersection, hundreds of technology breakouts and education sessions, opportunities for many new Cisco Certified Internetworking Engineers to complete their certifications, and ample reasons for why it is through technology partnerships like the one between Intel and Cisco, that customers are able to reach new levels of success with technology!

Until the next Cisco Live! Ciao!