Consumerization of IT – it really is more than just BYO

In the past year I have met with hundreds of IT shops globally, and when the subject of Consumerization comes up, most discuss what they have done around BYO.  While BYO is an enabler for Consumerization, it is really just a small part of what Consumerization of IT really is.  BYO is allowing more things like smartphones and tablets to enter the IT shop at a much faster rate than traditional supply models would provide, and in some cases is forcing IT shops to re-think their application development and security model roadmaps and plans.  But there is much more to the overall Consumerization of IT landscape that not only influences IT but can add value as well.

IT has been traditionally focused on TCO and ROI, almost to the point if something doesn't lower cost, then they won't implement it.  Now end users are demanding new capabilities and these capabilities are becoming now only a factor in attracting and retaining employees, but also establishing a Great Place to Work.  Instant messaging was a consumer technology that has now been widely adopted by IT industry as a critical business tool and has fundamentally changed the way many users communicate today.  Social Media is becoming a large part of day to day IT life, not only are companies using social media to promote their companies and interface with their end customers, many are starting to use social media to change how employees communicate and collaborate internally.  Some say they want Facebook for the enterprise, but really what they want is the type of capabilities in an enterprise fashion. I don't need to know that my co-workers had a burrito for lunch, I can use Facebook for that, but what I really need is social media that allows me to know what my co-workers and teams are working on and how resources relate to each other.  Allow me to find the relevant information, collateral and people that are critical to things I am working on.  That is true enterprise social media.

Last, we can use usage models that exist in day to day consumer environments to enhance the lives of our end users.  We are doing this internally, using ideas like the "Genius Bar" to redefine the old stuffy tech support desk/cubes our end users used to go to.  Now they get something newer, fresher and more relevant to what they see if day to day consumer life.  We are also putting a spin on Vending machines.  Instead of issuing candy bars and soda, we are now using these machines to supply day to day IT items to end users.  With the swipe of their ID badge they can now get anything from a new keyboard to battery for their laptop.  Again bringing consumer models that they use in day to day life to their corporate usages.

So I ask you, what are doing beyond BYO to support Consumerization of IT in you shop?