Content Decay in the Mobile Enterprise: 12 Consequences of Incompatible Platforms

Recently in the IT Peer Network, Chris Peters painted a hypothetical picture of a BYOD workplace gone wrong, where every employee working on a different device is interacting with enterprise software differently.

As different combinations of device, operating system, and platform infiltrate the enterprise, the effects of "content decay" - or the deterioration of files, attachments and business data - can have a negative impact on your ability to get work done. Think of a time you opened a document from an email, only to find yourself either unable to open it or staring at a page full of symbols, rather than the document’s intended message. Now imagine this happening daily within your organization as your peers and colleagues send documents, spreadsheets, and presentation to one another. If their software platforms are not compatible, the content of the document will deteriorate with each sending - as will you ability to communicate and collaborate.

This content decay can be destructive to productivity, but its sometimes-subtle manifestations can make it challenging to spot.

In the spirit of the holiday season (12 Days of Christmas), we thought we'd share our 12 Ways of Lost Productivity that results from content decay.

  1. Inability to track changes
  2. Missing content
  3. Inability to import a document
  4. Calculation errors
  5. Graphical misrepresentations
  6. Loss of valuable data analysis capabilities, including pivot table conversion, non-running macros, and unsupported chart formats
  7. Loss of chart data and animations
  8. Unplayable audio
  9. Inaccessible or unchangeable slide masters
  10. Corrupted characters
  11. Loss of images
  12. Inability to play Adobe Flash videos

As you read through this list, which impact is the most painful to your productivity?

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How is your IT department addressing the issue of disparate platforms?

How can your choice of tablet affect the way you view web content?

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