Cooking 101

Hello from Penang! Last week, Intel hosted an APAC Cloud Summit in Penang, Malaysia where we invited several of our customers and educated them on Intel's cloud vision and what Intel IT is doing in the cloud computing space. In addition, we walked through the current status of Intel Cloud Builders, a reference architecture program that we have in place to help address IT pain points in cloud with our partners. To date, we have more than 40 reference architectures published.

Penang is a melting pot of cusine with blends of Indian, Thai, Chinese and others. Being in Penang and experiencing the flavors reminded me of an analogy a collegue of mine used to say - how a Cloud Builders reference architecture is similar to a cook book. A cook book contains several recipes with each recipe listing the ingredients and the steps required to make that recipe in your kitchen. Similarly, Intel Cloud Builders reference architectures (recipes) describes the detailed hardware and software configuration (ingredients) and details steps to reconstruct that cloud in your data center (kitchen).

During this event, we also demonstrated several such cloud recipes with our fellow partners including: HP with Canonical and Open Stack, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager with Intel servers, Fujitsu with a Hyper-V-based cloud solution, unified networking with Cisco, power management with Dell and Joulex, trusted compute pools with VMware and HyTrust, unified networking 10GE with VMware, scale-out storage with EMC, and cloud onboarding with Citrix. In addition, I walked through two of these reference architectures in detail in my session. Please visit the Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture Library to read each of these recipes.

Overall, it was a great event and we received great feedback from our customers. Stay tuned to hear more from my fellow bloggers. Sekian Lama!