Creating Better Retail Experiences on the Edge

The challenge of a Unified Commerce experience is linking up everything from the cloud to the store. Intel recognizes that there are all sorts of ways for information to fall through the cracks, which leads to decreased sales and revenue. Better retail experiences with edge computing have Intel technology behind the wheel. Read on to see how different aspects of the retail experience are improved with Intel.

Mobile Sales Tools Personalize the Experience

The days of being unsure about a product before entering a store are over. Now, customers enter a retail location with a bevy of online reviews, video unboxings, and opinions about any given product. This can often leave store associates at a disadvantage, because customers sometimes know more about the products in the store than they do.

Mobile devices loaded with sales-assist apps empower retail employees to access information about customers’ loyalty to a given brand and purchases they’ve made. Insights like these can lead to customers feeling that they’re understood by associates and getting the best product for them.

Inventory Accuracy Cuts Shrinkage

Think inventory distortion is a minor issue? Think again — shrinkage, overstock, and stock-outs are a nearly $1.1 trillion problem for retailers around the globe. In the U.S., shrinkage alone costs retailers $42 billion.
Take a deep breath and let those numbers sink in.

What if you could keep inventory under tight control, whether online or on the edge? That’s possible with the Intel Retail Sensor Platform. Using RFID tags in conjunction with other technology, retailers can track inventory as it moves around the store while preserving customer privacy. Sensor technology helps sales associates know when items are running low and give online shoppers an idea of whether or not an item is in store. The edge feels more like reality with Intel technology backing it.

Raising Brand Recognition With Smart Marketing

Using sales-assist tools and the Retail Sensor Platform, retailers get first-hand knowledge about customer buying patterns that are attributed to each edge location. Using this information allows for better marketing during seasonal customer purchasing.

Retailers can also draw from social media data for better campaigns that meet customers where they are in the purchasing process. With an enterprise-level analytics platform, gathering data from the cloud and turning it into actionable data is easy.

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