#GartnerDWS London: Intel Covers Creating Digital Disruption at Digital Workplace Summit

By way of brief introduction, I’m Kaitlin Murphy, director of marketing for our business client platform team at Intel. I get to be part of a team that is forward leading when it comes to digital transformation for business. Digital transformation is a topic that is now part of our everyday vernacular in the business world and while it may be a term that’s on the verge of overuse, the concept holds significant promise to business customers. It can be the competitive advantage that fosters greater output for partner and customer engagement. Digitally disruptive companies like Airbnb and Amazon, are great examples that embody this. On the flip side, it can be overwhelming for customers to peel back the many layers of digital transformation and decide how to implement the right technology that affects every facet of their business and culture.

This will be a topic that will be deeply explored at the upcoming Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London on September 18 and 19. We hope you can join us as we’ll talk about how we’re advancing digital transformation to make it accessible and easy for our customers.

One area that is crying out for modernization is the meeting room. The way we work is dynamic and more mobile. Today it feels like the meeting room has been left behind in this digitally disruptive world. As a result, the way we collaborate and engage with our colleagues can feel archaic and leave us frustrated.

We’re working to change that with Intel Unite, our collaboration solution designed to modernize meetings. My colleague, Tom Loza, dives into this during his session on Monday, Sept 18th. He’ll discuss the challenges around collaboration regarding how we’re removing the constraints and complexities for customers. Check out Tom's Gartner DWS session from the event.

We’re also excited to announce that as part of our event efforts, we’re launching a new site devoted to driving innovation with our partners to change the meeting experience for the better.

The new site highlights our plugins, which you can think of as add-ons that extend the capabilities of Intel Unite with the ability to integrate and customize the experience with our partners’ innovation. The result is cool experiences that change the concept of meetings, creating new ways to share and express ideas and easier ways to create meeting connections so you don’t have to suffer the burden of connecting mixed technologies that don’t talk to each other. We also have new, transformative ways that make remote meeting participants feel like they’re actually in the room.

If you’re an IT professional, please take a test drive with us and our partners and check out our new site at https://uniteappshowcase.intel.com/.

And if you’re going to the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, we have a couple of other activities where we hope you can join us and learn more about how we’re creating digital transformation with our Intel Unite solution.

We’re doing deep dive, Learning Labs on Monday and Tuesday– these are 20-minute classes where we’ll talk about how Intel Unite works and cover the benefits for employees and IT. We have three classes running both days – check out the schedule here. We’re also showcasing Intel Unite in Booth P3 – join us for live demos.

I’m looking forward to engaging with you regularly, sharing relevant updates on what we’re doing to be part of the community of tech leaders helping you embrace digital transformation in a meaningful way and on your terms.

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Kaitlin Murphy

About Kaitlin Murphy

As director of Intel Unite® in Intel’s Business Client Platform division, Kaitlin Murphy leads Intel’s client collaboration strategy focusing on large enterprise, public sector, and SMB. Murphy’s organization is responsible for driving the planning, architecture, OEM partnership, and marketing to advance digital collaboration for commercial customers and partners. She joined Intel in 2005 and has broad expertise across engineering, sales, strategy, operations, and marketing. Murphy holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Chicago.