Customer Experience Transformation through IT

As leader of Intel IT’s Enterprise Business Solutions organization, I am excited – maybe even exhilarated – about how Intel IT is working hand-in-hand with Intel’s sales and marketing group to improve the experience for Intel’s customers. As described in the Intel IT Annual Performance Report, “Driving the Digital Enterprise Transformation,” this is just one way that Intel IT strategically partners with Intel’s lines of business to accelerate Intel’s growth through best-in-class IT solutions and services.

Putting the Customer Experience First

In today’s digital world, successful companies provide a customer-centric experience. That is, customer-centric businesses ensure that the customer is at the center of the business's philosophy and operations. With my broad experience in both sales and marketing as well as in IT, it is my passion to marry business processes and technology to enable Intel to understand where customers are in their journey, anticipate where they're going, and provide them with the content or service they need when they need it – or better yet, before they know they need it.

Typically, the challenge is that IT departments solve individual problems with specific tools. For example, in the past we’ve provided separate, optimized solutions for different silos of activity. Lead generation, marketing, and post-sales support are just some examples. The problem with this approach is that from a customer's perspective it results in a fragmented customer journey. There’s no consistency throughout the different phases and there’s no way to connect the dots between the phases to anticipate customer needs.

IT is transforming Intel’s sales and marketing business processes to help Intel’s sales and marketing team better engage with new and existing customers, meet more of their needs, and make it easier for them to do business with Intel.

Simplify and Standardize

Instead of focusing on technology first, we are shifting to a new way of working and thinking:

  1. Understand and simplify the business process and workflows.
  2. Modernize and standardize the business process architecture.
  3. Provide a technology solution that enables a consistent, customer-centric experience throughout the customer’s journey.

The important thing to realize is that for this approach to be successful, you need more than just technology, or just business process. What you really need is a close-knit partnership between the sales and marketing group and IT. Through this “no daylight” partnership, we are using technology, data, analytics, and a much simpler business process landscape to deliver solutions that enable Intel to operate more efficiently and be more successful.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve the Customer Experience

We developed the Sales AI platform, which simplifies account management and recommends actions based on customer activities and other market information. Solutions based on this platform help account managers more effectively engage with their customers. It also enables unlimited scaling, allowing account managers to handle more accounts and in the future, can automatically serve up content to customers who don’t even have an account manager. Using a model of “Sense, Reason, Interact, Learn,” our Sales AI platform can deliver more value to our customers and more value for Intel. This platform contributed to $46 million dollars in revenue in 2018.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about how Intel IT is a strategic partner to the business – including sales and marketing – read the 2018-2019 Intel IT Annual Performance Report, “Driving the Digital Enterprise Transformation.”