Cyber-Security: The Fifth Domain of Warfare

5 Domains of Warefare.jpgIt is official folks, Cyber-Security is now the fifth warfare domain, after land, sea, air, and space.  It now joins the ranks for which the military must understand and plan for offensive and defensive strategies as well as supporting tactics.  The U.S. Naval Academy is mandating cyber-security training as part of an evolving curriculum.  It is a good step for nations to both recognize and formalize this domain.  It solidly seats into the minds of those who defend their country, the importance of cyber security.  As such, it will continue to bolster the awareness, collective expertise, and systematic improvements over time.  Just a matter of time before all the armed forces will require expertise to combat cyber based threats. 

Source: SC Magazine U.S. Naval Academy: First to teach cybersecurity as requirement

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