Cyborgs Unite! A conversation with Amber Case

There is something wonderful when approaching the use of technology from a broader humanistic perspective, and our latest Digital Nibbles interview with Amber Case did not disappoint on this front. Amber is an anthropologist by training and a cultural wunderkind who is focusing her work on the anthropological implications of technology on society.

We discussed some of her main premises including the facts that all of the changes of the past 30 years were predicted by scientists in small circles 50 years ago. Also, that the main shift that technology represents to humanity is that it extends tool based advancements from the physical to mental world, and that an approach to predicting the future of technology fits squarely between utopian and dystopian viewpoints…and that where you are on the socio economic “scale” will determine how well the future of technology works out for you.

Lots to ponder in our first conversation, and I’m hoping that additional conversations will take us further into the realm of cyborg anthropology.

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Take a listen, and let me know what you think.

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