Danish school sees learning blossom with 2-in-1s

We love seeing success stories like this.

Nordfyns Kommune is a municipality in southern Denmark. At one of its schools – Sletten Skole – it has recently given students Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets, although the devices are far from just a touchscreen. They also have a dedicated snap-on keyboard and USB connectivity for peripherals like a mouse, not to mention the power and functionality of a desktop OS in Windows 8.1.


As you may have read, we’re big fans of 2-in-1 devices for schools. They’re the best of both worlds, combining the practicality of a laptop when you need it, with the immediacy of a tablet when you want it. They’re ultra-mobile, so kids can break out of the classroom, as the video amply illustrates.

Also check out the glimpses of camera drones and 3D printing, and how engaged the students are. Proof that this school isn’t just ticking boxes when it comes to buying tech.

“I find that the tablet enables us to make use of the kids’ natural interest for software and hardware,” says teacher Brian Andersen. And Headmaster Hans Jørgen Larsen says: “I’ve noticed a change in the students’ attitude to learning.”

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