Data Center, Cloud, and Technology Podcasts for July

In our podcasts this month we’ve covered everything from benchmarking to cloud storage. Our tireless host, Allyson Klein, interviews partners Oracle, Samsung, Cakewalk, Dell, and Virtustream on their innovative products. Check out the direct links and recaps below, and leave a comment if there are any topics you’d like to see covered on the podcasts.

Chip Chat:

  • Benchmarking Mission Critical Database Workloads – Intel® Chip Chat episode 194: Pat Buddenbaum from Intel and Vikram Kumar from Oracle discuss mission critical platforms and workloads in the context of the TPC-C benchmark and the five million transactions per minute Intel® Xeon® processor E7 based system. They also talk about the broader scope transaction processing and platform benefits.
  • Memory Usage Trends – Intel® Chip Chat episode 195: In a follow-up to last week’s episode, Sylvie Kadivar, director of strategic marketing from Samsung, stops by to talk about how memory technology benefits a number of benchmarks. She also discusses the company’s Green Memory Technology and benefits. Visit for more information.
  • Why I/O Virtualization is Important for the Data Center – Intel® Chip Chat episode 196: Frequent guest Brian Johnson from Intel® Ethernet stops by to talk about virtualizing I/O traffic and added features in Microsoft Hyper-V* like integrating SR-IOV to allow a fast path between the VM and network controller (bypassing the hypervisor).
  • Intel® Platforms and the Portable Music Studio – Intel® Chip Chat episode 197: Chip Chat is on the road at NAB to talk to Brandon Ryan from Cakewalk about the company’s product. The Sonar X1 Producer allows musicians to record studio-quality music on a laptop or desktop PC, allowing creativity to be unfiltered. Visit for more information.

Conversations in the Cloud:

  • Power Management Technologies with Dell – Intel® Conversations in the Cloud episode 46: Roger Foreman, a product marketing manager from Dell, stops by to talk about managing power in the data center with Open Manage Power Center, which allows an IT Manager to think about power across the data center and implement controls/power capping. Visit for more information.
  • A Trusted Execution Platform with Virtustream – Intel® Conversations in the Cloud episode 47: From July 2012: Kevin Reid, CEO/CTO of Virtustream, stops by to talk his company’s background in IaaS and private cloud services, and also to discuss what they’ve done product-wise to address the ODCA Usage Models surrounding security and a Trusted Execution Platform (moving beyond trusted apps to a hardware level). Visit for more information.

Digital Nibbles:

  • Data Visualization and Capacity Exchange – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 14: It’s a multi-continent show this week as Reuven and guest Leslie Bradshaw (President, COO and Co-Founder, JESS3) are in North America while Allyson and guest Andreas Hipp (CEO and Co-Founder, Epsilon) are in Europe. Leslie is here to talk about data visualization – taking all the massive amounts of data we encounter on a daily basis and distilling it into something more engaging and exciting – while cautioning against the rise of the infographic. After a bit of technical difficulty, Andreas talks about the IT commodity market – specifically the telecom interconnection of over 400 networks globally to help info flow easily.
  • Streaming Cloud Storage – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 15: Reuven is out sick this week (we’re sure he’ll make a comeback for the next episode), so Allyson is hosting solo. She’s joined by Tony Gauda (@tonygauda), CEO and co-founder of Bitcasa as well as frequent guest Michael Sheehan (@hightechdad). Tony’s talking storing data in the cloud and streaming to your mobile devices in real time (similar to Spotify or Netflix) while Michael updates us on the latest technology gadgets and innovations.