Data Center Design Tips


Data Center Design Tips

When you’re designing a new data center, it’s important to bear in mind that your needs will change as your company expands. Before you start, you should consider some basic issues that will enable you to retain some flexibility when it comes to fitting your current operational needs and letting them grow in the future.

Get the Size Right

Keep all your equipment in one location. Consider using enclosed cabinets or Telco racks to take maximum advantage of available space. Nowadays, thanks to the latest server technology, you can pack hundreds of servers into one rack. Choose a room with a ceiling between 14 and 18 feet. This will ensure that yyou will have sufficient room for ceiling plenum return and/or adequate raised flooring.  These plenum areas are critical for managing air flow for effective and efficient cooling.  Even if you are not using down flow cooling units, raised floor will enable you to run cables and power whips from a central panel.

Keep it Secure 

As well as staying up-to-date on patches, services packs and locking down systems, don’t forget to ensure your physical security it top notch. The last thing you want is someone walking into your server room and tampering your hardware or removing it. Set a policy on who is permitted entry and use a secure keycard system. Outlet managed power strips allow facilities managers to allocate power as needed.  This is not only a security measure but also allows for proper allocation of new equipment based on available power and cooling capacity.

Protect your System

Make sure that your data center is protected against fire, smoke and water by installing a monitoring system that is capable of alerting you should these issues arise. A Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) system provides centralized management of all computing and infrastructure assets.  This provides a proactive and holistic view to detect and respond to issues before they become problems.

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