Data Center Download: A “Mega-Download” From the Open Cloud to Data Migration

download_arrow.png Start your week right with the Data Center Download here in the  Server Room!  This post wraps up everything going on with the Server Room, the Cloud Builder Forum, and our Data  Center Experts around the web.  This is your chance to catch up on all of the blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and  interesting items shared via Twitter from the previous week.  This one’s a big download (nearly two weeks’  worth!) so you'd better grab some coffee 😉

Here’s our wrap-up of the weeks of June 6th – June 17th:

In the blogs:

Billy  Cox reviewed his post on Usage  Models and Technology that appeared on Data Center Knowledge
Emily  Hutson discussed Smart Investment for Small Business: Intel Xeon Processor E3 Family-Based Servers
Chelsea  Janes  gave us her notes on From  Cloud Computing to Cocktails: Intel @ HP Discover 2011
Barton  George gave us his POV from the Dell blog: On  the ground at Cloud Expo
Ken  Lloyd took a look at the  human side of Unix/Mainframe migration
Wally Pereira explained the RISC  to IA migration – Rising to the Proof of Concept
Bruno  Domingues gave us a Holistic  Overview of Security for Cloud Computing
Jennifer  Sanati showed us the First  Server Solutions with Microsoft and Intel
Megan  McQueen told us about the Power  Management and Cloud Security Demos at Day in the Cloud

Broadcasted across  the web:

While Intel  Conversations in the Cloud took a break, Intel Chip Chat shared a bit extra…  🙂

To start things off, Intel’s Raejeanne Skillern discussed the Open Data Center Usage  Models.  As the development of cloud  computing and data center technology advances, open standards are more necessary.  Raejeanne discusses the work Intel does with the Open Data Center Alliance to drive standards and accelerate transitions to new technologies. For  more of what Raejeanne has to share, check out her Industry Perspective on Data  Center Knowledge.

Want to know more about the latest news from the ODCA?  You can start by listening to the next  episode released featuring Adrian  Kunzle Managing Director and Global Head of Engineering and Architecture for JPMorgan Chase, and Open Data Center Alliance Steering Committee representative.  In this episode Mr. Kunzle discusses the Customer Requirements for Clouds Delivered by  the Open Data Center Alliance. In this episode, Mr. Kunzle discusses the creation of customer requirements for cloud with the Open Data Center Alliance and their expected impact in the  market. For more information and news, check-in with the Open Data Center Alliance.

As for the Intel Chip Chat trifecta, Lenovo’s Andrew Jeffries discusses how you can Improve IT Manageability for Small Business with Lenovo servers enabled by Intel Technologies. In this episode, Andrew discusses technologies enabling the extension and automation of remote management tools to small and medium businesses with Intel  Xeon E3 technology in Lenovo servers. For more, dig into the info on Intel Xeon  E3, and the new Lenovo Servers.

For your viewing:

Enabling  Client-Aware Computing with Lenovo Secure Cloud Access

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Research@Intel  2011: Cloud Zone

Open  Data Center Alliance: Usage Model Requirements

Interop  2011 - Day One Interop  2011 - Day Two

Unified  Networking Benefits with Intel Ethernet 10 Gigabit

Intel  Cloud Builders: NetApp* Unified Networking & Storage Reference Architecture

Intel®  Cloud Builders Reference Architecture VMware vCloud™ Director Demo

Securing  the Cloud with Intel Trusted Execution Technology Usage Models

A Tour  of Intel IT's Data Center at Russia

SAP  HANA - A collaboration between SAP & Intel

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