Data Center Efficiency

Hello All, my name is Alan Ross and I'm a Principal Engineer in Intel's Information Technology division and currently leading our Data Center Architecture initiative. Our mission is to transform the way we do enterprise computing, which is easier said than done because there is a lot of history in this domain. Over the next several months I will be expanding on these ideas and providing insight into our approach to this transformation. To start things off, here is a short video where I speak about the topic of data center efficiency:

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Here are the guiding principles that are being used to help us define the "To-Be" reference architecture for the data center:

1. Evolve our corporate data centers based on architectural governance and capability maturity-based methodologies

2. Enable a multi-tier service management and service delivery operational framework

3. Enable a service-oriented data center architecture

4. Enable a high-performance computing mindset for application environments

5. Design and build DC facilities modularity for flexibility, scalability and managed capital investment

6. Keep Intel legal and secure

7. Transform enterprise operations and scale TCO through innovation

8. Continuously optimize TCO and unit cost

9. Provide an environmentally friendly foundation

I would appreciate any input, feedback or questions you have and am looking forward to the discussions.