Data Security & Cisco Live 2013

I recently wrote about the fact that I just passed my 19th anniversary as an employee of Intel Corporation.  This has caused me to reflect more than once on the state of computing, the industry, and the challenges we at Intel work on in support of our customers. Cloud computing promises agility, resiliency, and cost savings - but it also introduces new challenges that must be addressed. Security, a challenge and concern for IT leadership throughout my career at Intel, remains a top of mind concern but has taken on new characteristics in today’s world.  Intel has a significant focus and investment with our partners and customers in creating innovations to address key security concerns for today and into the future.

Multi-tenancy and virtualization, as examples, both introduce architectural elements that require new and different security considerations for IT organizations.  Virtualization and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) bring flexibility and scale in support of enterprise customers needs.  However, virtualization can abstract where your workloads actually run, and often IT Managers need to know and control where their workloads are running in order to meet compliance requirements for their businesses.  One example of Intel’s innovation to address these challenges is Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT). Intel TXT provides a mechanism to enable visibility, trust, and control in the cloud and is a feature of our Intel Xeon™ product line.  When coupled with an enabled operating system, hypervisor, and enabled applications, these capabilities establish an automated hardware root of trust method for enforcing and monitoring such things as geolocation restrictions for cloud servers.  For an in-depth explanation of trust-based computing pools and geolocation-based secure migration refer to this document from the National Institute of Standards and Technology as great reading material on your trip to Orlando!

Intel has an interesting set of demonstrations and topics lined up for Cisco Live in Orlando on June 24-27th. Please stop by our booth and see how enterprises can enhance security and create a trusted cloud environment with geolocation controls whether they have a private VMware environment as in our demonstration with Hytrust or a when using the public cloud as we demonstrate with Virtustream.  We look forward to seeing you there! Feel free to reach me via Twitter at @RaejeanneS if you have questions you’d like answered ahead of time on TXT.