DataBeat 2014: Striving Towards the Data-Driven Enterprise

After VentureBeat’s inaugural DataBeat event in 2013, the need for removing the hype surrounding big data became all the more clear. The enterprise will continue to forge ahead in our increasingly digital world, and the volume of data being captured and retained will only continue to grow. So while the hypothesizing about its impact keeps us on the edge of our seats, all it is in the end is speculation and theories with minimal basis in reality. What we need are experts in the field to be collaborating and sharing best practices when it comes to managing this torrent of data. Which is why we're so excited for DataBeat 2014.

This year’s event promises to be yet another valuable forum for data scientists, analysts, and professionals looking to gain insights into a data-driven competitive advantage. The ultimate goal of DataBeat is to wade through the theories and get down to tangible takeaways by featuring speakers who have legitimate success stories within their organization. By examining case studies on technologies and strategies that have demonstrated real results, big data becomes less hypothetical and more factual.


We're exceptionally pleased to announce Intel’s own Ron Kasabian, vice president and general manager of big data solutions, will be teaming up with Cloudera’s chief technologist, Eli Collins, in a discussion on empowering the intelligent enterprise. Intel and Cloudera have partnered together to offer additional solutions to businesses considering Hadoop. In their fireside chat, Ron and Eli will discuss the intent to bring together the leaders of Hadoop and datacenter technologies, as well as the underlying need for enterprises to operate off better integrated stacks in order to deploy big data solutions with the utmost confidence.

Our partnership with Cloudera speaks volumes to the evolution of big data within the enterprise. The reality is we’ve been consuming data en masse for decades, but only within the past five years have organizations really been able to see the value of strategically leveraging it. It’s also become more apparent that those who ignore the opportunity behind their data are also ignoring their bottom line. Now more than ever, there is a need for unity within the tech world as we all wrestle with how to do that. Events like DataBeat provide the perfect opportunity for IT professionals to leave the organizational divide at the door, roll up their sleeves, and truly collaborate on viable long-term solutions.

DataBeat will take place May 19-20 in San Francisco; Ron and Eli will be onstage May 20 at 2:10 p.m., so be sure to catch them if you can. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry, we have good news—register now with our special Intel promo code (IntelSM) and get a 20% discount. And if you won’t be able to attend. Intel has a wealth of resources on managing big data. We’ve also created the Big Data Essentials Series, a three-part email series that aims to help IT professionals better comprehend big data and subsequently act upon it.

We hope that in 2014, you will look at both your partners and competitors to glean strategic ways of leveraging your data. Because the only way we’ll be able to conquer big data is if we band together and start devising better solutions now.

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