Day One at OpenStack Summit – Intel Joins the Foundation as Platinum Member

Bonjour from the OpenStack Summit!

The OpenStack Summit kicked off in Paris today with great fanfare as 8,000+ attendees descended on the Palais de Congress.  Why does this event draw such a robust crowd? As I wrote last week, OpenStack represents an opportunity for enterprise data centers to achieve the same level of automated service delivery as is found in today’s largest cloud environments.  Intel has driven deep contributions to OpenStack since its inception, and Intel’s presence at the event reflects the depth and breadth of engagement Intel has invested.  Today’s event featured a lively keynote panel with Intel’s Ruchi Bhargava discussing her experience with deploying OpenStack within Intel’s own IT environment as well as what can be learned from early experiences of enterprise deployment.  I will be catching up with Ruchi on my Chip Chat podcast to hear more about these insights.

The big news for Intel at the start of the Summit was our addition to the Platinum membership of the OpenStack Foundation, a great honor for the company and reflective of our deep engagement across the industry on OpenStack innovation. I expect to hear more as the Summit continues through the week on this leadership position.  Today also featured many technical sessions from Intel and industry partner experts including discussion of OpenStack features bridging from enterprise to telco environments.  We heard from Intel & Ericsson on driving software defined infrastructure as an efficiency engine into telco, Intel and Fujitsu on the future of data center storage, and Intel on the value that telemetry plays to an intelligent, orchestrated data center. Intel principal engineer Cathy Spence was on hand to provide insight into bridging an OpenStack IaaS environment with Cloud Foundry PaaS environment, while other Intel experts discussed Erasure coding and NFV frameworks.

As can be expected from an open source effort as robust as OpenStack, the spirit of collaboration hung in the air at every turn at the conference as industry experts detailed joint work on bringing the promise of OpenStack orchestration to broadscale use in data center and telco environments.  Tomorrow, I will be sharing some of these collaboration stories as well as sharing insights about the biggest industry news from the conference.  Please also stay tuned for a full recap of Chip Chat interviews with Alex Williams from the New Stack and Boris Renski from Mirantis, and follow me on Twitter @techallyson for more highlights from the Summit.