Dell 2 in 1 Devices Save IT Spend In the Long Run

There’s no stopping the consumerization of IT and as the workforce becomes more mobile, staff members in departments like sales and marketing are starting to demand tablets in order to accomplish simple tasks while on the go or in the field. Though tablets have tangible benefits, IT must balance employee wants with the underlying business needs to be cost-effective with every purchase. Discerning IT managers should consider the long-term costs of 2 in 1 machines against purchasing and managing both a laptop and a tablet for employees.

-IT Peer Network Administrator

To have a better understanding of the total cost of supporting employee devices, Intel commissioned Principled Technologies to review the total cost of ownership between a Dell Venue Pro 11 and the combination of a Dell Latitude laptop with an iPad Air or a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Dell-2-in-1 (1).png

Since employee issued devices need to last, Principled Technologies considered the cost of the different models over the course of three years in the enterprise. The results: Dell 2 in 1 devices can save IT $1,400 versus supporting a tablet and a laptop.

Though initial hardware costs can be roughly the same, the real savings from supporting a 2 in 1 device are those secondary items, such as management, software, repairs, and security, that add up over the weeks and months of typical use.

Staff members will likely ask for the popular devices they see at home, and though those requests are founded in actual workplace needs, careful IT managers understand that reviewing a wide range of devices before acquiescing to an immediate demand is the more strategic move.

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