Dell IT and Intel IT Talk 2010 Strategies

On Wed 12/16, I will join Matt Brooks from Dell IT to talk about several topics surrounding the proactive use of technology to aid in the creation of business value.  We will talk about what IT is facing in 2010 - what does business want from IT - what technologies are shaping our strategies - and what lessons can we learn from the past that will help us tomorrow.You can read the full abstract below.

Mark Your Calendars. We hope that you join us Wednesday 12/16 from 11-12 PST.  Register Here

Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2009
11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET
1 hour


2010 promises to be a watershed year for business, with the economy turning around and a plethora of powerful technologies ready to be exploited:

  • Thinking  about cloud computing for collaboration or business intelligence?
  • How about  deploying virtualization for availability?
  • Need  to roll out applications for a mobile workforce or customers with mobile  devices?
  • Or  perhaps you're looking to consolidate platforms and cut energy consumption in the data center?

If your New Year's resolution calls for improving how your IT infrastructure meets its service level agreements, join us for an interactive webinar on developing a server refresh strategy that supports business agility while reducing energy usage.

Experts from Dell and Intel will discuss their experiences consolidating and virtualizing on the latest generation of servers. Gain insight into why refreshing servers sooner rather than later generates improved ROI, productivity and performance across the enterprise.

We'll address hot technologies like cloud computing and explore how to best deploy them through virtualized servers and storage. Dell and Intel will shed light on the cost benefits of refreshing servers and why it made sense for their internal departments to upgrade.

Learn why it is a smart financial decision to start refreshing servers early in the year before business demands and workloads escalate. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into enabling your organization to become a more efficient enterprise.