Dell OpenManage Power Center – Gain Control of Your Data Center

The Xeon E5 Family launch brought the next generation of Intel based Dell servers to customers and the Dell PowerEdge family of servers has fully adopted Intel Node Manager technology into their breadth of platforms.  So not only do you get the newest Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series Processor Technologies, you also get the granular capability to manage your datacenter on a per-server basis.

Dell recognized Intel Node Manager Technology and the Intel Data Center Manager SDK in being a catalyst to help customers manage their power in the datacenter. Dell merged the technologies into the PowerEdge platform and created Dell OpenManage Power Center to give you a simple, yet powerful interface to control your Dell PowerEdge servers en mass.

And now that you’ve purchased your Dell PowerEdge 12G servers, you can simply download Dell OpenManage Power Center  FOR FREE to start monitoring and managing power in your server, rack, row, or entire data center.  Installation is very simple and you can start scanning for PowerEdge systems within a few minutes of logging into the console.  Customers are always looking for ways to do simple management and when the OEM offers a console to pair up with your server platfrom - it makes data gathering that much easier.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Power Center walks you through some very simple setup steps and you're able to scan for systems and you're off and running with no impact to your environment and can start collecting data within a few minutes.


An Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture was created to assist customers with Dell PowerEdge systems.  The PowerEdge servers come with the iDRAC interface which is the main access point for Power Center.  It's a free software download  and I recommend checking it out if you are using a Dell PowerEdge 12G or 11G system with iDRAC capabilities.  Here's a screen capture of a dashboard view in Power Center showing rack power usage and temperature in the data center.


Dell OMPC gives you control of multiple systems in scale gives you the capability to deploy, manage and control your data center power.  Taking what was once a very manual task and making it a very easy connect point for critical data in your data center and gives you granular control over multiple systems.  Gathering this information is critical to knowing your power footprint, and being able to predict and allocate the appropriate power budget for your data center.

Here is the link to the Intel Cloud Builder Reference Architecture for Dell Open Manage Power Center:

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Dell* OpenManage* Power Center
Built on the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 Product Family

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