Dentists Drill Deep to Refresh Their Office Hardware

female dentist computer xray

When customers step into a business, what they see in the office helps form their opinions. Doctors want to present a professional first impression for patients. For dentists especially, keeping things clean is good for business.

So when Dentistry by Doctors Wolff and Salazar was moving offices after 30 years in the same location, the dentists took stock of their space.

“I wanted to get rid of the dust collecting boxes (PC towers) that were sitting on top of the cabinets and near the ceiling. Some were sitting under the counters, and there was a big wire maze mess under reception,” Dr. Menachem Wolff says.

A great opportunity for a refresh

An office relocation can be an ideal time for a hardware refresh, and the dentists decided it was a necessary investment for their business. The system’s aging infrastructure meant that large files — which included X-rays, patient records, and other high-res images — took a long time to download from the central server, keeping office staff and patients waiting. According to Dr. Wolff, “They were definitely complaining about the speed!”

The dentists reached out to registered Intel partner Premiere System Solutions for a software and hardware solution that coincided with their office move. The practice had started using specialized dental software in 1987 and digital X-rays in 2007, and was looking forward to using new technology to boost efficiency.

A software and hardware solution

Premiere System Solutions founder Andy Szego has experience with challenging professional environments.. “Their office is a typical dentistry office with a lot of shallow counters and cabinets making it hard to place and cable traditional desktop PCs,” he says. “And cleaning these boxes over the years was a really expensive routine.” So Szego and Dr. Wolff implemented the following changes:

  • They upgraded servers with the Intel Xeon Processor E5.
  • They replaced desktop PCs with Intel NUC Mini-PCs.

The NUCs were a big hit with the office right away. Their compact, space-saving design, “gives me the clean look I want,” says Dr. Wolff. “In my operatory rooms, the NUCs are mounted under the upper cabinets, and they are sort of out of view, with not too many cords and wires running.”

A new operation

Refreshing the office hardware and moving locations at the same time proved a great solution.  Systems were laid out at the same time as the new office was being set up, resulting in the optimal office for staff and for patients. The results began adding up:

  • The Intel NUC reduced energy consumption by up to 70%.
  • The Intel Xeon Processor E5 infrastructure reduced the time to access files by 50%.
  • The Intel HD Graphics 5000 card inside the NUCs provided high-quality resolution images.

The faster speeds, efficiencies, and energy savings — plus the new office — added up to a win for Dr. Wolff, Dr. Salazar, and their staff. “I am much happier in terms of the physical space, the computers, the screens, and even the keyboards. I think everyone is happy with the new system. I don’t have anyone complaining anymore,” Dr. Wolff says. “Everything is much faster than before, which is much better for everyone."

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