Did you Capture Your Experience at IDF 2010?

Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 came to a close in San Francisco last week and what an experience!  Thanks to Cisco for providing their Flip MinoHD camcorders and participants in the Capture Your Experience Contest, there are fantastic videos on YouTube for everyone to see and share the experience!

Let The Voting Begin, Round 2!

We’ve reviewed the submissions, and picked our favorites, and boy it is hard to pick a favorite among all these great videos!  Now it is your time to decide. Which video captures the IDF 2010 Data Center Experience the best? Go to YouTube and vote thumbs up or down for your favorites by September 24 (9/24) to decide who is truly “data center dude approved!”

Our Judge Award Winner

As for our favorite you may ask?  Who is the judged winner you ask?  Well as hard as it was, we had to do our part and pick one, and that person is Chaim Gartenberg, with his straight to the source submission.

He is the lucky judged winner walking away with the Ultimate Home system consisting of a 55 Inch TV and Boxee box, and a home server with an Intel Atom processor inside.

We’ve made our decision, now it’s your turn, remember go to YouTube and vote thumbs up/down by September 24 (9/24) for the best video that captures the data center theme from IDF 2010!