Digitizing Power Utilities

Utilities and system operators have the potential to become data powerhouses: processing gigabytes of data as gigawatts of power traverse the network.

But if this potential is to be realized, building the new data-driven operation must start now. The volume, variety and velocity of data involved presents significant challenges.

The data superstore is a key building block for the new smart grid – and one for which the technology and capability to build is already available. Enabling data to be captured and analyzed, queried in real time if necessary, and combined flexibly to deliver unique new insights, it removes the need to develop different architectures for the various different data types.

With the data superstore in place, utilities will be able to develop new information-driven, value-added business services, as well as deploying the predictive, proactive and preventive analytics that will drive technical, operational and energy efficiencies throughout the grid.

For more information, this new paper considers how IoT techniques apply to a smart grid environment, examines the data management, analysis, and security requirements, and introduces the concept of a data superstore as the foundation for successful grid infrastructures of the future.

I encourage you to download the paper and let me know what questions you have.