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As a Conference Sponsor for HP Discover in Barcelona, Intel’s vision of the data center of the future is tangibly substantiated by its presence at various events – be it the InnovationTheater, product demonstrations, or thought-provoking presentations.

Intel, in other words, has embedded itself across the breadth and depth of the conference. Join me in this walkthrough of the Intel sessions at HP Discover, and you’ll see why this is a conference that has Intel Inside!

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1. Big Data. Barcelona is going to make Big Data matter at HP Discover. In session IT3260, Patrick Buddenbaum, Director of the Enterprise Segment in Intel’s Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, will highlight Intel technologies that address the Big Data revolution; including the recently announced Intel Quark, the exciting emergence of silicon-based photonics, and the efforts from Intel Labs around data correlation through graph analytics.

2. Mobility. Andy Tryba, GM, Immersive Collaboration, Intel, leads session IT3209, which paints a vivid picture of a day in our future work life. Business compute devices and sensors will be in all things around us. Gone are the days of one device per employee. This session discusses how our device-and data- hungry world will continue changing the workplace. It is a brave new (social) world of mobile interactions. You can witness firsthand the references made in this discussion during session DT3090, where Claudio Maniscalco, Technical Account Manager, Intel, will present ultrabooks, tablets and the new 2:1 devices based on Intel’s 4th generation Core.

3. Cloud. In DT3088, Andreas Schneider, Product Marketing Manager, Intel, will explain why consistency in Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPs) is critical to cloud deployment and its impact on application performance. Schneider will also cover some of the benefits of deploying solid-state drives in your enterprise infrastructure, highlighting the latest on solid-state innovation.

4. Infrastructure. Feixiong Liu, Senior Technology Manager, Intel, highlights how enterprises can take advantage of Intel’s latest microprocessor innovations, state-of-the-art 10Gb Ethernet solution, and enterprise SSD technology in DT3086. Liu uses the example of a Big Data analytics solution to demonstrate the power of balanced server platforms. In DT3087, Liu continues to give participants a close-up experience with the new architecture features and technologies of Intel Xeon E5 processors — which drive innovative HP Proliant Gen8 servers — to improve enterprise application performance and performance/watt.

There you have it. The Intel sessions comprehensively address the various aspects that define the New Style of IT, including Big Data, Mobility and Cloud; providing us a perspective on the Data Center of the future. Perhaps invoking memories of the “30 minutes in 2020” session delivered by HP Senior Fellow, Chandrakant Patel at a past conference. These sessions showcase the innovative Intel technologies within an HP environment – a signature of their long-lasting partnership – whether it be the HP servers running on Intel chips or the HP Discover conference punctuated by Intel’s presence.

Question is: Are you ready to be amazed? Please let me know.

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