Dishing up Some SMAC Talk

I have been a huge proponent of social media and social networking for the past few years. It’s been interesting to see how social networking, once reserved for friends and family, has made its way into the enterprise workplace. Individuals are now more mobile and have a range of choices for what device(s) they utilize for any given task. There is more data than ever before, and a desire to turn those bits of information into insights and actions. And the cloud has created new opportunities to deliver applications, services, and value.

The combination of these transformative trends is known as SMAC: social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. And it’s the result of the increasing consumerization of IT, with users demanding the devices and capabilities they enjoy at home.

Intel IT has embraced the SMAC model with fervor. It’s a great way to give Intel employees the information and services they want, no matter where they are or what device they are using. And helps IT continually improve the speed and efficiency of resource and service delivery.

You can find out more about our SMAC model from Intel Vice President and General Manager of IT, David Aires, and how he and his team are moving to the leading edge of change in the Intel IT Business Review.

Here are a few examples of the progress made by David and his team:

  • Intel IT distributed nearly 14,000 touch-enabled Ultrabooks to our workforce in 2013 to give users a lighter, more mobile computing platform than PCs and laptops.

  • Intel IT implemented a BYOD program two years ago, and a majority of the 45,000 mobile devices at Intel are now employee-owned.

  • The increase in mobile devices has upped the demand for mobile apps. They developed 57 enterprise mobile apps in 2013 alone, and have delivered 123 mobile apps to the Intel workforce since 2011.


  • To increase IT agility and efficiency, they have virtualized more than 80 percent of Intel’s infrastructure and are delivering more services through IT’s internal cloud.

  cloud computing.jpg

These changes aren’t just good for our employees. They are also good for business. By adopting and promoting SMAC, this Intel IT team is boosting productivity, keeping costs down, and staying in front of industry trends.

To learn more how this team is delivering operational excellence, increasing employee productivity, reducing costs, and deploying new technologies raises expectations of IT, download the Intel IT Business Review mobile app.


Download the Intel IT Business Review mobile app to see how we are putting the latest technology trends to use.