Do You Deserve to Wear the Crown of Ultimate Geek? Join me at IDF to Find Out.

Never being one to shy away from any event brimming with buzz, I was excited to learn I'll be attending the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco August 19-21. This event is exciting for many reasons, the least of which is an opportunity to meet Intel and Open Port community members in person. But this year IDF brings some other exciting and tasty new treats that I'm anxious to check out:

  • Keynote by visionary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

  • Discussions on the future of mobility and what it means to be "on-the-go"

  • A look at the digital enterprise and how embedded, dynamic, and visual computing fit in

  • And last, but not nearly the least is The Ultimate Geek Challenge!

As a self-described social media junkie I am addicted to my Twitter feeds () and anxiously await a better way to consume them than through the tiny browser window on my Blackberry Pearl. It's why all this talk of the Atom processor for mobile internet devices has me fanning myself like a twitterpated schoolgirl. But I digress.

Probably one of the coolest IDF events to look forward to is the Ultimate Geek Challenge. This event has been brought back to IDF by request from the fans and pits geeks of all persuasions against each other to determine who is the geekiest of all. I doubt my geekiness can hold a candle to geekiness expertly cultivated by the uber geeks in the room. I'm just anxious to watch the fun as the Intel geek community (uh, that might be you) answers tech trivia, challenges the "mad gaming skillz" of Team Evil Genius, and tries for the top techie prize by completing a technical build of the most difficult sort. Rumor has it the winner will get a major big-time prize (shh, check back here and I'll try to find out what it is).

So what do you say? Care to join me? There's still time to register. And who doesn't love San Franciso in August?