Dressing up on the outside with Intel inside at HP Discover

As I gear up to go to HP Discover in Las Vegas, I take a look at the sessions being presented by Intel. Rich Nockels, Marketing Manager BB4081 - How End Users, BYO and New Client Solutions are Transforming IT highlights Intel’s approach to business clients, smart devices, tablets and everything pertaining to personal computing. This session speaks to how the end-user (me) is made more mobile, and it prompts me to consider various options from the wardrobe of the next generation to attend this conference. As I dress up on the outside with wearables, I realize that what’s inside matters at HP Discover.

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Wear Your Own Devices (WYOD) is fueling the BYOD paradigm, providing us with easier options to continuously exchange information within the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

  1. Headband. At the conference, I could be wearing a brain-sensing headband that helps me do more with my mind by providing timely exercises. After all, this is the conference where I have obtained brontobytes of information in the past!
  2. Augmented reality. I’ll wear glasses, through which I can see an augmented vision of the world around me, providing control over various connected devices at different venues across the globe. Who knows, I may even stroll into the GoogleGlass session #DT3809 to view the information while looking at the data.
  3. Ear-mounted cameras. With so many events going on in parallel, I will take full advantage of live-streaming through ear-mounted cameras that could deliver these sessions directly to me.
  4. Smart clothing. Let’s face it – conferences do tend to wear one out. The time zone differences and travel can wreak havoc on the biological clock. Wearing a mood sweater with a large light up collar will provide instant insight into my mood du jour.
  5. Smart shoes. I could wear shoes that can closely monitor how, and where, my feet hit the ground, identifying potential problems with my gait.

With all the walking during the conference, I might even consider wearing a fitness tracking device because it is the Little Data that matters to me in the world of Big Data!

The smart devices portion of BB4081 is likely to be of most interest to me. Perhaps, the wardrobe (of wearables) I walk out with will be quite different from the wardrobe I walk into this session with. Definitely a session I should be attending before delivering my own session on the impact of IoT on IT.

How are you dressing up for the conference? What is really inside your smart devices? Intel session BB4081 will have some ideas to offer. And while you’re at it, please attend the DT3621 from HP Labs to hear how the appliances in our homes, and the environment around us, generate data that must be harnessed and mined across the fabric of connected devices.

I’m looking forward to other ideas about devices that could be worn at the conference. See you at BB4081!

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