Driving Innovation: The Best Road Trips Are the Ones You Don’t Take Alone

By Maria Olson, VP Global Alliances, NetApp

Success in technology is built on innovation, and the best new ideas rarely come from silos — they come from the energy we create when we collaborate with others. That’s why NetApp is so excited about joining Intel’s Storage Builder Program — an amazing initiative that takes storage collaboration to a whole new level, and builds on NetApp’s philosophy of using strategic alliances to deliver the best  customer outcomes.

Over the past 20 years, NetApp has built storage and data management systems based on Intel processors. Together, we’ve developed industry-leading storage solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs in storage and data management. Our alliance has flourished because of our shared commitment to communication and collaboration. Now, as an Intel Storage Builders partner, we’re taking this one step further by joining a network of top talent to innovate in new ways that will help customers manage their data in an increasingly connected world.

Where philosophy and energy meet

The philosophy behind Intel Storage Builders is a perfect match for the values that have made NetApp so successful. The program is designed to increase ecosystem alignment, ignite innovation, reduce development effort, and lead the way in open storage standards development, and accelerate the creation of next generation storage solutions that can be adapted across markets. Our customers have come to expect this from us, and NetApp has a strong history of doing this with Intel.

Moving forward, our customers’ needs are changing. Enterprises need to be agile to respond to shifting markets. Customers have an expectation that their business can run at the new and unprecedented pace enabled by cloud.  They need freedom, mobility and speed — not just in how they access their data but also in how they modernize in their own business environments. Now is the time to amplify our collective energy, to make sure we can continue to exceed their expectations.

Navigating the open road

We’ve learned from our customers that they need control, and they need choice. As more customers move to a hybrid cloud model they will draw on a blend of resources, but no matter what combination of applications they choose, they will always be responsible for managing their data.

Being part of the Intel Storage Builders Program is an exciting opportunity for NetApp to work alongside Intel and other industry thought leaders to develop the next generation of storage solutions. Working in a collaborative environment will make it easier to innovate, build, and operate storage solutions that will meet our customers’ future needs. This is exciting for us, and it’s also exciting for our customers, because it means getting intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to market faster.

Making the journey complete

For NetApp, this also aligns with our Data Fabric strategy, which is all about making sure that our customers have the flexibility to manage their data seamlessly as it moves to wherever they need it most. By working with Intel and other ecosystem partners, we can develop first-in-market solutions that our customers need, and extend our reach.

One of NetApp’s biggest strengths is how well we collaborate with our partners. Across the Data Fabric ecosystem — from service providers to hyper-scale cloud providers to software partners — we recognize what strategic alliances can do for everyone when we put our minds together and share the best that we have to offer. As an ecosystem, we deliver better results for our customers by working together than we do by working alone. It’s strategic, it’s exciting, and I can’t wait to see the terrific results it will generate for all of us.