Driving Massive Structural Data for Taobao

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taobao2.jpgAs China’s most popular online shopping retail platform, Taobao (taobao.com) has nearly 500 million registered users, with more than 60 million visitors daily. As the company’s e-commerce business grew, the massive data load seriously challenged its traditional relational database. To enable its database system to work more efficiently, Taobao deployed a new hardware platform that could meets its fast-growing needs, based on Intel® Solid-State Drives and Intel® Xeon® processors. Now Taobao can process its massive data load more efficiently and provide quality e-commerce services for customers.

“Taobao’s new-generation OceanBase* high-performance distributed database system, based on Intel Xeon processors and Intel Solid-State Drive 320, uses random reading capability and a range of technologies such as 25nm MLC technology, power-off protection, and built-in redundancy, as well as the Intel Xeon processors’ powerful processing capability,” explained Dr. Yang Zhen-Kun, senior researcher at Taobao. “All these strengths have helped our OceanBase high-performance distributed database system deliver maximum performance and serve us with high performance, capacity, and reliability and low TCO.”

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