Embracing Big Data—And the Technologies That Extract Its Value

I appeared on a Big Data panel last week at IBM’s Information on Demand (IoD) 2012 conference along with two IBM executives: Anjul Bhambhri, vice president of Big Data, and John Borkenhagen, CTO of System x and BladeCenter.

It was an excellent opportunity to hear firsthand what people are saying about Big Data today. The questions we received from the audience are a good indicator that some of the apprehension around embracing Big Data we saw a year or two ago is giving way to excitement about the possibilities. We had questions from Telecom companies inquiring about sentiment and geographic analysis of phone data; there were questions on using MapReduce for analysis of social media content; and queries about what systems we recommended to get the most powerful intelligence out of the most challenging Big Data.

I came away with the sense that companies are ready to engage positively with Big Data. After all, there’s no reason to fear Big Data – it offers major benefits to those organizations that embrace it. With the correct application of analytics, it can offer a deep understanding of customer sentiment, provide insights into fraud detection, and deliver data analysis for such diverse areas as scientific research, healthcare, traffic flow, and the financial markets. Analysis of machine-to-machine data has enormous potential for supply chain optimization for retail and manufacturing.

What makes Big Data analytics compelling is the view it offers into how we live our lives right now, our likes and dislikes, the patterns that structure our activities. Today’s Big Data is a lot more than just the accumulative build-up of transactional information: it reflects changes in our lifestyles and technologies, pulling content from social media and data from Smartphones. It includes sensor and RDID data and information from medical and scientific records. Organizations that take advantage of this real-time analysis can gain a decisive edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Big Data is here already, so you don’t want to play catch up with your Big Data solution. IBM has pioneered many of the technologies that drive today’s Big Data solutions, including BigInsights, BigSheets and InfoSphere Streams, and is out ahead of the pack with highly integrated, scalable products and technologies that capture intelligence from the most massive data sets. Intel and IBM have worked together for over 15 years to optimize software performance on the Intel infrastructure, and their Big Data solutions and integrated infrastructures are ready to go. Just add Big Data.

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