Enabling Software-Defined Security at Scale

By Manish Dave, Platform  Architect of Datacenter Security Products Division at Intel

The Intel Security Controller is  now Open Security Controller

As enterprise IT organizations discover the benefits of OpenStack, they  quickly realize that security can be a limiting factor for the platform’s growth  and adoption. When organizations look into virtualizing their networks and need  to re-architect their data centers to be more dynamic, manageable and adaptable,  previously effective security tools can no longer protect the virtual  infrastructure. This can lead to lack of security visibility, network  inefficiencies and unprotected east-west traffic.

In addition to that,  security integration on OpenStack can be resource intensive. Vendors of  security virtual network functions (VNF) and software-defined networks (SDN) have  to strike individual partnerships and do the integration on behalf of the  customer.

To address this issue, at OpenStack Summit Tokyo last October, Intel  presented a joint solution with Midokura to dynamically insert advanced security services like network IPS and next-gen  firewall into the OpenStack network. The Intel Security Controller was the  technology automating the deployment of security VNFs, while Midokura’s MidoNet  provided network virtualization system for this automation to happen.

This year, we’re taking a step further.

Today we are announcing the broadening of Intel Security Controller’s  scope so it becomes a platform that will support multiple SDN controllers and security  VNFs from multiple vendors. To reflect these changes, we’re renaming our platform  to Open Security Controller.

At Intel we realize the importance of open platforms to drive  innovations that significantly change the direction of the industry. Open  Security Controller takes this strategy to heart. It provides automated,  dynamic security provisioning, configuration and policy synchronization for SDI  and a seamless brokering service between SDN controllers and security VNFs,  making security management visible, more effective, agile and scalable.

Open Security Controller is part of Intel’s initiatives to accelerate  the adoption of network function virtualization. By working closely with user  community, datacenter security and network virtualization vendors, we are  building a platform that removes the integration burden for deploying advanced  security in OpenStack.

For more information or if you are interested in actively contributing  to the future of Open Security Controller, please visit us at http://www.intel.com/osc and contact us via email. We look forward  to hearing from you!