Energy Efficient Technology Beyond the Data Center: Energy Proportionality of Xeon Travels to Prague!

Tom Kilroy, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Sales and Marketing Group is in Prague this week at an event sponsored by PRE (Prague Energy Utility Company), the third largest energy utility in the Czech Republic where he spoke about the energy efficiency efforts at Intel.

The objectives of the forum were to:

  • Inform the market about Intel’s relevance in the energy segment - Home Dashboard & Intel's technology advancements and decreased power consumption
  • PRE to inform the market about the challenges that the energy segment is facing and why they are interested in Home Dashboard and also about their initiatives to actively advise customers on energy savings
  • The announcement of the Intel / PRE cooperation with the Home Dashboard pilot - PRE will issue a press release on the HEMS (Home Energy Management System) pilot and their cooperation with Intel

While the main focus of the event was the Home Energy Management System pilot with Intel, Tom spent some time talking about the energy reductions we have achieved in the data center with our Xeon processors.

Here's Tom in the room with some other folks. Our Intel Pillars on the screen in the background.

The big breakthrough in the energy efficiency of Xeon is in implementing Intel’s Energy Proportional strategy of scaling the platform power through the entire workload. When demand is high you benefit from the performance Xeon delivers, and when demand is low you get the benefit of Xeon’s energy saving features.

Intel Xeon Tick-tock Evolution

The evolution of Xeon platforms is shown in this graph, starting in 2004. Since then Intel has delivered on the tick-tock cadence of major micro-architecture advances, significant improvements in the energy efficiency of Xeon. At usual usage levels of 10-30% average utilization, we have delivered over 40% reduction in energy use in the last five years. While still delivering the performance gains of Moore's Law.

That’s energy savings you can take to the bank!

We’re very proud of our achievements. It is great to know that our international industrial partners, like PRE, are working with us to deliver the most efficient computing solutions to customers around the world.